About us

Welcome to JF Pilates Studio offering the GYROTONIC® Method. We offer comprehensive Pilates and classical Pilates, GYROTONIC® exercises, fitness and rehabilitation programs. Our private and cosy studio in the heart of Peppermint Grove will enable you to uncover your strengths and overcome your weaknesses under the supervision of highly talented qualified trainers.

Classes are conducted in small groups to promote greater learning and interaction. The studio is fully equipped and clientele come from word of mouth or referrals from our colleagues in the medical health profession.

Studio sessions are closely mentored by Master Educator Bogna Janik Forbes.

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JF began in 2000 in Perth, Australia as a business dedicated to excellent, Personal and Group Fitness Training. In 2002 it become a leading provider of professional instructor training in Pilates Method and rehabilitation (in Poland in partnership with Open Mind Health and Fitness School).

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Pilates
  • GYROTONIC® Method
  • Postural awareness
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Musculoskeletal alignment
  • Myofasial fitness
  • Women’s health during pregnancy and post natal
  • Osteoporosis
  • Fitness and sport specific training
  • Equipment

JF offers Personal and Group Training tailored to men and women, require rehabilitation and those who are looking to improve their fitness.

At our studio we use an integrated approach according to the individual needs of the client. We draw from different methods and techniques, so you can receive the latest in industry standards.

The Instructor Program has been planned to cope with the demand and growing interest in Pilates Method. Our aim is, to provide best quality education to an international standard, -teaching world class instructors, Our program is fitted for European and world norms like (European Register, PMA – Pilates Method Alliance, DPV Deutscher Pilates – Verband).

A higher level of instruction can be obtained by completing a Diploma in Matwork Pilates.

Diploma course material has modular structure allowing you to tailor your education to suit your needs. It includes:

  • 128 Off the job contact (C ) hours (face to face) tutorials (movement essence and exercise goals, muscular initiation and sequencing, breakdown of beginner to advanced workout, visual skills, verbal cuing, effective imagery, practical postural assessment, specific program design based on Pilates, referral procedures to other therapists, special populations, understanding health and safety emergency issues, understanding of group education levels within health and fitness environment), laboratory, written and practical assessments.
  • 113 on the job professional Work Experience hours (WE) – observations, application of erudite knowledge within the work environment and real time with clients and a, -case studies.
  • 120 Self Directed Learning hours (SDL) – completion of self directed learning tasks, reports, repertoire review, self review and study time
  • 25 hours of Self Mastery – workout hours, supervised or unsupervised matwork

We offer courses not only for instructors of Pilates Method but equally for people who are beginning a Pilates instructor career and people willing to deepen existing abilities and knowledge. Due to this fine Method of exercise we can teach people self-awareness and, help them to discover their own strengths and weaknesses.

Goal and Thematic range

By participating in our courses you will receive good educational support through the long term experience of our trainer Boguslawa Janik Forbes as well as other instructors from OM H&F Idea School.

You will receive firm education participating in our courses. After positive completion of all course requirements you will receive a Diploma in Matwork Pilates. We also offer continuous education on our workshops and courses.

The modular structure of our Diploma Course contains 4 parts: Mat1, Mat2, Mat3 and Special Populations.

With respect to the principles set by Joseph Pilates, the program of each course looks at a person as a whole being with different needs and wants, is always up to date, open to change and based on:

  • modern science
  • deep understanding of the body, its interrelated systems
  • knowledge of myofascia and its tensile structure
  • principles of Rolfing, Feldenkrais, PNF, physical therapy
  • principles of supple, elasticity, and dynamics provided by GYROKINESIS® Method
  • power of visualization as developed by Eric Franklin
  • fundamental principles of Neurolinguistic Programing

Firstly we focus on developing correct movement patterns, followed by building mobility, elasticity and strength.

Mat1, is based on pre-Pilates, this is fundamental to all other courses. It is the most important and differs from courses presented by other companies. After finishing this course you will have to gain experience from teaching this type of classes. It is through this teaching that you really start the process of learning.

You can work in your own time and decide when you are ready to move to the next level.

If you study with engagement, you will receive the knowledge from Pilates technique needed to teach Pilates classes from beginners (where our purpose is to teach clients self-awareness and how to prevent back pain) through intermediate and advanced (which is designed for those who understand the base of this technique) to remedial level.